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...and lead screamer called Lupe Quezada, her best friend and kickass drummer Toro and their new bassist Pachi are about to dive head first into the adventure of their lifetime.

Sunday, 10:30pm

Dear Abuelita. I'm writing you from my jail cell in an underground bunker, somewhere in the desert. Please don't freak out, I'm fine. Toro and Pachi are okay too.

I'll try to tell you how we ended up in here.

First of all, you know how tough it is being the leader of an awesome, trailblazing, experimental band like La Mala Teta, right? Especially in our boring little town.

People just don't get it. I'm surrounded by short-sighted, music-averse morons.

So I'm ready to just...leave. To a big city. Anywhere but here.

I don't want to be ungrateful grandma. I know you've been so great taking care of me since my mom and dad... since the day they didn't come back from that show.

You know music runs deep in our family. And I'm just trying to create something...different. I'm working so hard to come up with my signature sound Abuela, a sonic explosion of... anyways, I know I'll be discovered by a record label scout who just understands it. Because here, nobody will.

Besides, have you noticed how our town has become even more lame recently, since that weird illness started? Yeah, people are not just their usual slow and lame selves anymore. Now they are just completely out to lunch!! Like, nobody's in there!

But now I know why that is.

And that's partly why I'm stuck in this hole in the ground.

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